Common Types of Injuries That May Require Emergency Treatment

Injuries like wounds, back injuries, sprains, fractures, and insect bites often occur, and while they’re not always serious, they sometimes require emergency care. It’s important to know when home treatment or seeing your doctor is fine, as well as when it’s time to head to a local ER. The following are common types of injuries that may require emergency treatment.


Pinnacle ER in Hurst, TXMany different types of external wounds may occur, and while some don’t require emergency care, others must be treated quickly to prevent loss of function or other serious complications. Wounds that require emergency treatment include those that bleed over 20 minutes, wounds that don’t stop bleeding when direct pressure is applied, and open wounds that are ½ inch deep or deeper.  These wounds often require sutures or other repair.

Fractures and Sprains

Fractures and sprains are both common injuries, and while sprains involve damage to tendons, blood vessels, and ligaments around a joint, fractures involve a break or crack in the bone. Since it’s often very difficult to tell if you have a sprain or a fracture, this is one of the common types of injuries that may require emergency treatment, such as x-ray or CAT scan.

Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure, whether ingested, inhaled, or by direct contact, can result in serious symptoms, such as tightness in the chest, abdominal pain, mental confusion, flushed skin, dizziness, weakness, and blurry vision. However, symptoms of severe chemical exposure, which requires immediate treatment, include difficulty breathing, convulsions, high fever, muscle twitching, and unconsciousness. Treatments for chemical exposure vary greatly depending on many factors, so professional medical attention is needed to address this injury appropriately.

Miscellaneous Injuries

Many other injuries have the potential to be injuries that require emergency treatment. Some of these injuries include:

  • Bites and Stings – particularly when an extreme allergic reaction occurs
  • Eye Injuries – especially if you have severe eye pain, changes in vision, swelling, or loss of vision
  • Back & Neck Injuries – these injuries may affect the spine and require emergency treatment
  • Auto Accident Injuries – which may include neck, head, brain, back, internal, and facial injuries

Visit Pinnacle ER for Emergency Treatment in Hurst TX

If you sustain an injury that requires emergency treatment, Pinnacle ER offers treatment for all types of injuries. Whether you’re involved in a serious car accident or you are dealing with a serious wound, Pinnacle ER is equipped with the personnel, diagnostic tools, and services required to treat injuries. Just a few of the diagnostic and treatment tools on site include ultrasounds, CT scans, digital x-rays, EKG, splints, sutures, ortho boots, and cardiac monitoring. Visit Pinnacle ER immediately if you sustained an injury that requires emergency care.


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