Serious Conditions

Serious Conditions

Serious Medical Conditions That Always Require Emergency Treatment

Some medical conditions have the potential to be life-threatening, which is why they require immediate treatment from emergency medical professionals. While it’s always best to err on the side of caution if you think you’re dealing with an emergency, you should also be aware of serious medication conditions that always require emergency treatment.

Abdominal and Chest Pain

Man having chest painBoth abdominal pain and chest pain are serious medical conditions that always require emergency treatment. Causes of abdominal pain can be serious, including appendicitis, bowel obstruction, and pancreatitis. Chest pain causes may include heart attack, aortic dissection, and pericarditis. Always seek medical attention immediately if you’re suffering from severe chest or abdominal pain.

Seizures and Shock

Seizures and shock are also serious medical conditions that always require emergency treatment. Seizures affect the brain and may be caused by serious medical problems. Shock has the potential to be life-threatening since the organs don’t get the oxygen and blood needed for proper function. Any individual who is suspected of going into shock should receive emergency care to prevent permanent organ damage or death.

Drug Overdose and Accidental Poisoning

If not treated promptly, both drug overdoses and accidental poisoning have the potential to be deadly. While these problems are always a medical emergency, signs you may need to visit the ER immediately or you need to call 911 include unconsciousness, difficulty breathing, dizziness, nausea/vomiting or other GI symptoms, uncontrollable agitation, seizures, and previous history with overdosing.  When in doubt, call 911 or the Poison Control Center at (800) 222-1222.


Dehydration is a condition that occurs if your body loses more fluid than it can take in, resulting in the lack of fluids needed for normal body functions. Severe dehydration is always a medical emergency, and failure to treat severe dehydration promptly can result in death. Signs you may need to be treated immediately for severe dehydration include decreased urination, rapid respiration, unconsciousness, rapid heartbeat, confusion, low blood pressure, and extreme thirst.  This is particularly common during the hot summer months.

Blood Clots and Stroke

While blood clots form normally to help repair damage, sometimes clots form inappropriately, and this can result in serious medical problems. Dangerous blood clots can occur in the arms or legs, and they can occur in more serious places, such as in the lungs, heart arteries, or even in the brain, which results in a stroke. If you have any signs of a blood clot, such as swollen or tender legs or shortness of breath, you need immediate medical care.

Allergic Reactions

Some allergic reactions may be mild, but serious allergic reactions are serious medical conditions that always require emergency treatment. Symptoms of a severe allergic reaction may include difficulty breathing, wheezing, pain or tightness in the chest, unconsciousness, difficulty swallowing, heart palpitations, and swelling of the face, tongue, and eyes.


When the appendix becomes inflamed, appendicitis occurs and must be treated quickly. Failing to treat appendicitis can result in a burst or perforated appendix, which can have fatal results. Signs of appendicitis include abdominal bloating, vomiting,  pain in the middle or right side of the abdomen, and fever. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek emergency medical attention.

Pinnacle ER Offers Emergency Care in Hurst, Texas

Whether you’re experiencing chest pain, a severe allergic reaction, or you think you may have appendicitis, Pinnacle ER offers the emergency care you need when you have a serious medical condition. Not only does Pinnacle ER offer experienced, caring medical professionals to care for you, the ER is equipped with the best diagnostic tools and services (including full-service lab, ultrasound, and CAT scan), ensuring that your medical emergency is taken care of quickly and effectively. Visit Pinnacle ER today if you need emergency care for a serious medical condition.


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