Welcome to Pinnacle ER. The new standard in Emergency Care.

Pinnacle ER is providing the highest level of emergent care in the DFW metroplex. Based in the mid-cities, we stand ready to serve you and the ones you love.

Patients Deserve Better Emergency Care.

about-team-imgEmergency care has a new standard. Gone are the days of long waits that result in patient frustration and underwhelming services. No longer do patients have to choose the way it has always been done. It’s antiquated. It’s inefficient. And patients deserve better.

There was a glaring need for emergency care that was different. Patients were in dire need of a team that dared to visit the standard that existed-not to join the masses as they rightfully complained about it. But to dismantle it. And change it.

Patients deserve to be seen quicker. They deserve the care of higher quality physicians that could actually spend time with them. They deserve comfortable facilities in locations convenient for them and their families. They simply deserve an elevated emergency care experience that didn’t even remotely represent the service to which they had been forced to grow accustomed.

Enter Pinnacle ER.

Physician owned and patient-driven, Pinnacle represents a new bar in emergency care. Created by a team of physicians that looked at the service and business model that had been operating for so long and decided that they could – they would create something different. Pinnacle ER represents a more efficient, more effective and simply better emergency care experience for patients.

Visitors no longer have to accept anything less than a concierge-level service from their emergency care visits. They don’t have to settle for five minutes of face time with a physician, or a two-hour wait to see one at all. They can now visit beautiful facilities where they will be greeted by smiling faces and seen by some of the best physicians in the metroplex that represent the ultimate in patient care.

Patients Needed the Care to Return to Emergency Care.

  • They needed to be seen quickly by doctors that were committed to spending real time with them.
  • They needed to for the inevitable stress of an emergency care visit to be minimized and replaced by a service that provided them with real solutions by way of a process that made them actually feel cared for.
  • They needed the standards raised.
  • They simply. Needed. Better.

Welcome to Pinnacle ER. The new standard in Emergency Care!


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